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Cast Bronze Plaques

Bronze Plaques from Gasser Olds combine design and quality to create incredibly long-lasting, unique plaques that are an excellent choice for signage, way-finding, architectural elements, memorials and tribute projects. Gasser Olds custom manufacturers every plaque to the customer’s design requirement.

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Available exclusively through our dealer partners, all of our bronze grave markers, tablets, crypt plates, niche plates, date ribbons, urns and memorial products are nobake sand casted here at our Southern California based foundry using our exclusive environmentally friendly “lead free” bronze.



Gasser Olds is the premier manufacturer of high-quality, custom bronze plaques and markers. Founded in 1909, Gasser Olds still operates out of the original foundry location in Southern California. For over a century, Gasser Olds has produced some of the finest bronze markers using our state of the art polymer system. Our Southern California team works directly with our customers to design and produce specifically tailored bronze products to meet customer needs. From cemetery markers and military plaques to architectural plaques, floor markers, and inlays all Gasser Olds products are distinguished by their fine quality and superior craftsmanship.

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